Retail Airtime

M2B Telecoms provides Point of Sale terminals that can be used in retail shops to vend out Airtime and Electricity to customers.


You can:

  • You can manage multiple Shops or Terminals
  • There are many reporting functions available on the terminals but also back end detailed reports which allow shop owners and managers to easily manage more than one shop or terminal at a time.

Please note: To qualify for free Paper rolls and no deposit fees, you are required to do a minimum Airtime turnover (Target will be provided on request).

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Retail Airtime

What Network vouchers are available?

All Networks (MTN, Cell C, Virgin, Telkom Mobile, Telkom, Telkom World Call, Neotel)

What's my Airtime Margin?

Up to 4%

How do I get my profit?

The Airtime is sold to you at a Discounted rate and you make your profit from the money the client pays you for the Airtime.

How do I order my Stock?

No need to order stock. The machine works on a wallet system and your credit reduces each time you sell a voucher.

Can a terminal be rented?

Yes. Deals can be negotiated depending on the turnover of the outlet.

How do I pay for my stock?

You pay either by depositing cash or perform an EFT into one of M2B Telecoms’ bank accounts. If your Reference number is correct your Terminal will be credited automatically and you can start selling Airtime to the public

How do I know how much I have sold?

You are able to extract Reports from the terminal eg: Daily Sales Reports, Vendor Sales etc. You are also able to view the Sales Reports online

Does the Terminal sell Electricity?

Yes, the Terminal is able to Vend Electricity?To become a Vendor download the Application Form and complete and send back with the required documentation or send your details to us via the Contact Us Now feature above.